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The devotees/members are the raison d’etre for the temple’s existence. In most cases, the temple is sustained through the donations from the devotees. The temple board and all other officials associated with the temple are accountable to the members at all times. The benefits which the members derive through the usage of HOMA are enormous. Some of the benefits are:

a) Avail of the temple’s services from the convenience of their homes.

b) Track the temple activities with ease.

c) Convenient way of making donations and scheduling priests for puja services.

d) Keep track of their donations and how efficiently it is being utilized by the temple.

e) Obtaining receipts for tax purposes instantaneously.

f) Keep in touch with the glorious culture of India through the various religious discourses,    educational activities, library services and youth events conducted by the temple.

g) Ensure that the temple is being run efficiently through the easily accessible on-line reports     on very facet of the temple functioning.

h) Making the temple board and management more accountable.

i) Viewing temple activities such as pujas, special events online through webcasting.

j) Special access to local businesses and preferential pricing.

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